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Credit Union One Blog
Written by:Credit Union ONE
March 31, 2020
Category: Budgeting
image to support article about Your Grocery Shopping Habits Could Be Costing You Big Money
When you finally load all of your groceries into your car, do you dread thinking about how much money you just spent? Or do you do a little happy dance in your mind about the money you saved? If your grocery shopping trips regularly cause you to burst your budget or desperately find ways to not spend more money throughout the week, it could be time to change your grocery shopping habits in pursuit of a “shop to save” strategy.
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Written by:Credit Union ONE
March 17, 2020
image to support article about What You Should Know About Mobile Wallets
According to a recent study, the average American carries 17 different cards in their wallet. This can make for over-stuffed wallets, cards easily lost at the bottom of a purse, and plenty of opportunities to misplace that loyalty card you need to get a free breakfast sandwich. Mobile wallets offer a convenient, cashless, weightless solution to all of the plastic you’re toting around.
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