Treasury Management

Treasury Management

Smart solutions enhance your company's efficiency

Why use Credit Union ONE Treasury Management services?

Rely on the experts

Our business team can help you choose the right blend of services.

Simplified processing

Save time and money with electronic payables and receivables solutions.

Streamlined operations

Our treasury management specialists can be a game-changer for your business.

Fraud protection

Our automated system helps spot known check scams instantly.

Running your Michigan business successfully requires more than offering good service and products. You need to manage cash and process payments efficiently so you can maximize profits. With our suite of Treasury Management services, you can free up your team to focus on serving your clients and growing your business.

ACH Origination Services
Set up electronic payments for direct deposit, vendor invoices and to collect recurring payments.
  • Simplify the process of making and receiving payments
  • Funds are directly deposited or withdrawn from your Credit Union ONE Checking or Savings account
  • More efficient than writing checks or accepting checks
Online Domestic Wires
Send funds by processing your wire request through Business Online Banking.
  • Same-day processing*
  • Enhanced security for peace of mind
  • Lets you enjoy more flexibility
Positive Pay
This service automatically flags suspicious checks and prevents them from being processed without your approval.
  • Fraudulent checks are returned the same day the check is presented
  • Upload your issued checks through Business Online Banking to compare to checks that are being presented to Credit Union ONE
  • The system compares the serial/check number and amount of the check to identify any irregularities
  • You'll receive an email notification if a presented check doesn't match any of the checks you uploaded
  • You then choose to pay or return the check through Business Online Banking
Remote Deposit Capture
Use our provided scanner to deposit checks from your office. It's a more efficient, affordable solution, especially if your business processes a high volume of checks.
  • Deposit as many checks as often as needed
  • Eliminates time spent visiting your local Michigan branch to deposit checks
  • Funds are deposited the same day (funds may not be available immediately)
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If input by wire cutoff time of 4:30 pm.