Credit Union ONE Recognized for Products and Resources Aimed at Helping Members Achieve Financial Independence.

  • August 3, 2021

Credit Union ONE is proud to ensure our members have the best advantages when it comes to savings, loans, lines of credit, and other financial resources. We are also proud to serve the state of Michigan by expanding homeownership and providing financial relief solutions whenever possible.

We’ve recently been recognized for our commitment to our members and community by, an online site that informs and educates Americans on reliable resources for improving their credit health. The BadCredit article emphasized our dedication to saving members more in offering solutions to avoiding atm fees and other money management. Credit Union ONE also offers members specialized products to help improve credit scores and habits. One of our most popular specialized products is the Credit Builder Loan, which helps members raise their credit score to qualify for more beneficial products in the future. Another is its secured credit card, which serves the same purpose. Lastly, Credit Union ONE takes pride in our quickness to act and help bolster the financial well-being of our members during the COVID-19 crisis. We offered a 90-day payment waiver and extensions for members that had loans with us but were struggling financially. To help those frontline essential workers who need additional help, Credit Union ONE offered everyday loans with little to no restrictions. We are proud to do our part for the community and our members during these difficult times.

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