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Make today's hard work pay off in the future with a comfortable retirement.

Planning for Retirement

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
Do you have a picture of your retirement in mind? Credit Union ONE's Traditional IRA options can clarify your vision.
Map out your future:

Start Planning for Retirement

It's never too early to start saving for your retirement. Even if you can only put away a small amount right now, anything is better than nothing. You can always increase your contributions as your income grows.‚Äč
  • If you have a retirement plan at work, take advantage of it to benefit from any matching contributions from your employer
  • Consider opening separate Individual Retirement Accounts for more investment options
  • Contribute funds steadily to grow your accounts

Saving Enough for Retirement

Define your retirement vision so you can ensure you're saving enough leading into retirement with a portfolio that also adapts to your ongoing income needs.
  • Talk to a financial advisor to ensure your asset mix is aligned with your goals during retirement
  • Be mindful of your lifestyle choices in retirement to ensure your assets support them
  • Stay committed to a budget in retirement, just as you were during your full-time working days

Living on Retirement Income

Make sure your retirement planning doesn't go to waste. Be smart about creating and maintaining a budget so your retirement income lasts.
  • Determine exactly how much income you will receive monthly through retirement accounts and other sources
  • Write out a budget that allows you to enjoy your free time draining your funds
  • Continue doing many of the things you did during your working years. This includes asking for a lower interest rate on your credit card, paying off bills in full to avoid interest charges and being smart about taking on too much debt.
Start planning today.
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