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Understand your finances and take control of your future.

Managing Your Money

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Get the financial guidance you need:

Creating a Budget

When you want to get an accurate view of your daily finances, start by analyzing how you spend your money every day, week and month.
  • Look closely at miscellaneous spending, like dining out at restaurants and entertainment, to see what you can reduce
  • Outline every expense and put a cap on the ones you can control
  • Stay under those caps and deposit any extra money into savings
  • Keep track of your spending in a spreadsheet or notebook so you know exactly how you're measuring up to your budget

Establishing Credit

When it comes to many of the major milestones in your life, such as applying for a job or purchasing a new auto, your credit score will likely play a role. A score lowered by a pattern of missed payments will cost opportunities you in the long run.
  • Be sensible when applying for a credit card and don't try to open several at once when first establishing credit
  • Stay on top of your payments and never miss a due date to show you can manage debt responsibly
  • Keep your income in mind and do not pile up more debt than you can comfortably handle

Receiving Financial Counseling

If you're struggling to keep up with your bills or you just can't seem to get ahead financially, it might be time to talk to a professional financial counselor.
  • Utilize reputable online resources to research your financial problem and get specific guidance
  • If you work with a company, make sure the financial counselor is objective and not trying to push a sale
  • Be as forthright as possible in order to get the information that can truly help you
  • Always ask questions and make sure you thoroughly understand the topic and any guidance given

Saving for Future Expenses

When you plan ahead for future expenses, you can avoid piling up credit card debt by relying on a savings account that you build up consistently.
  • Analyze your monthly expenses to see where your money goes
  • Take a hard look at your finances and determine which expenses you can eliminate or reduce
  • Open a savings account and feed it regularly with the money you would have otherwise spent on unnecessary purchases
  • If it helps, put a name and a goal on your account to keep your mission front of mind
  • Dedicate yourself to putting away money each week and it soon will become a habit

Paying Off Debt

It's easy to rack up debt. It's more difficult to take a disciplined approach to paying off debt, but it's also something that is required to strengthen your finances.
  • Analyze your spending to see which expenses can be reduced or eliminated
  • Before making purchase, wait at least 24 hours
  • Take a hard, honest look at what you need versus what you want
  • Pay off your credit card bills in full every month and, if necessary, freeze spending

Repairing Credit

If your credit score has taken a hit, you'll need some time to rebuild it while diligently monitoring your use of credit.
  • Make sure your credit card bills are paid on time and attempt to pay them in full each month
  • Analyze your spending habits to see what expenses you can reduce or eliminate
  • Racking up debt amounts far beyond your income will bring your credit score down
Get a handle on your finances.
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