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Managing the largest expenses in life requires the most planning.

Affording Major Expenses

Dig into the details.

Buying a Vehicle

Most likely, your vehicle is one of the important tools in your life. That's why it's so important to find the right one for your budget and particular needs.

  • Use online resources to research vehicle values, analyze safety ratings and read reviews
  • Get prequalified through Credit Union ONE to know how much you can borrow
  • Take a look at your monthly expenses to make sure you get a loan that fits comfortably within your finances

Purchasing a Home

Gather as much data as possible to help you find the right fit for you, your family and your finances.
Differentiate between your needs and your wants
  • Consider hiring a real estate agent to aid in your search and always ask questions
  • Conduct online research about the neighborhood, local school system and other features
  • Avoid becoming too emotionally attached to a particular home

Renovating a Home

Finding the right fit in a contractor requires careful attention. And paying for those improvements requires some planning, too.
  • If you need to find a contractor, get referrals from trusted sources
  • Make sure you understand all of the details in the proposal, including costs and timeline before signing
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions; after all, you'll be living with the final results and final bill
  • Consider using your home's equity to finance your renovations, whether it's a line of credit you can access over time or a lump sum loan when you know exactly how much money you need

Planning a Vacation

Even if your next trip is several months away, it's best to start planning now by setting aside some extra money.
  • Get a general idea of the cost of your vacation
  • Analyze your finances and see how much extra money you can set aside each week
  • Stay disciplined and make regular deposits into a savings account designed specifically for your trip

Paying for College Education

Saving for higher education is similar to saving for retirement - the sooner you start, the better, but it's never too late to create your plan.
  • Consider state-sponsored college savings plans that can provide tax advantages
  • Look for other savings options that offer good returns and possible tax advantages
  • Maximize all of your scholarship, grant and federal student aid options

Preparing for the Unexpected

You can never prepare for every single possibility, but creating a savings cushion can help you address certain unexpected expenses so you're not automatically reaching for your credit card.
  • Consider setting a savings goal of six months worth of living expenses, which can help you absorb job loss and other big changes
  • Find savings options that pay the highest rates and let you access your money when you need it
  • Contribute to your emergency fund on a regular basis to keep it growing steadily
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