Credit Union ONE collects for charity

  • October 16, 2018

Ferndale, Michigan – As part of an educational and training program a community project was assigned to a group of Credit Union professionals to complete. In trying to select an organization that all group members could participate with, Mallory Hazard, Jill Johnson, Jessica Long and Ayren Hurst chose The Salvation Army. The group researched organizations that had a presence in the areas of all four Credit Unions that were involved. The drive consisted of Shoes, Boots, Pajamas, Socks and Gloves. In the discussions with the local corps “ it was realized that we were partnering with this charity to help in whatever way possible, and not just so we could check a box and say that we did what we said we were going to do” said Ayren Hurst, Vice President of Knowledge Management for Credit Union ONE.

After the group selected the Salvation Army, Ayren reached out to the Warren Corps that had a homeless shelter attached to the facility and started discussions with them as to what was the greatest need. Although Credit Union ONE donated $1,000.00 as part of it’s portion, it was up to Ayren to plan out the purchasing of the clothes over the three week time period. “ Sometimes things just happen for a reason” said Ayren. “ I also want to thank all those who helped in making this work, including the delivery process for all of the clothes”.