Credit Union ONE and Junior Achievement in Traverse City

  • July 2, 2019

Ferndale, Michigan – Credit Union ONE Branch Manager Michelle Kilinski and Member Relationship Consultant Aimee Rockafellow both of Traverse City, just wrapped up two Junior Achievement classes at Willow Hill Elementart School in Traverse City. This was the third year for Michelle and Aimee’s first year in the program. Michelle worked with Mrs. Peplinski’s second grade class of 27 students, and Aimee was with Mrs. Duguay’s third grade class of 26 students.

The classes focus on many different real world experiences such as the value of work, making proper choices when earning and saving money, different jobs and how to work towards them, and some general but important information about financial education as they get older.

“I am really proud of our time spent hopefully helping inspire some new ideas with these students” Michelle stated. “We were able to give each student a $5.00 gift card to BAM and we received many nice thank you’s, plus my sister worked at the school I spent my first year working the JA Program and she had a blast with her class”.