Credit Union ONE Promotes the Growth of Black Female-owned Businesses, Including Labor for Love Scrubs

  • August 24, 2022

Credit Union ONE is proud to have recently financed several black and female-owned businesses, including Labor for Love Scrubs, LLC. In addition to serving members’ financial needs, being a part of the community means helping those in need of extra assistance. Thanks to Credit Union ONE’s assistance, on August 23, 2022, Labor for Love Scrubs owner Adiah Jones hosted the grand opening of her store at 1020 East Cork Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Black businesses still face challenges in obtaining equitable financial opportunities, such as Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to help them purchase large equipment or facilities. The mission of Credit Union ONE is to close the inequality gap one business at a time.
Jones had been seeking a path to full-time entrepreneurship when she got an opportunity to start Labor of Love Scrubs, LLC. She applied for financing through the SBA’s Lender Match program, and Credit Union ONE was able to help her close her loan on April 26, 2022. Now, after four months of hard work, her business sells a wide variety of unique and high-quality scrubs while keeping a primary focus on consumer experience. Jones is currently working on adding online accessibility to her store, which would allow consumers from all over the country to purchase from Labor of Love Scrubs.
Jones’s passion for her work shines through when asked why she opened her business. “My life goal has always been to help people. In this capacity, I not only get the opportunity to help people, but I also get to truly impact the retail industry by promoting something near and dear to me: quality customer service. I put myself in the consumer’s shoes and think how I would want my experience to be when I shop. I would want the staff to be truthful, energetic, accommodating, and motivating. These are the skills I looked for in my team and that I personally promote. Ways we have activated these skills include providing personal shopping experiences, weekly customer ordering, and a promotional program for returning customers.”
When asked about her experience opening a business, she stated, “I truly enjoyed my experience working with Credit Union ONE. What made the experience most enjoyable was the relationship I developed with Ms. Brenda [Allen]. I believe relationship building is important and reciprocal. Ms. Brenda was transparent, patient, and honest from the start. She made herself available to answer or find answers to all my questions. She was certainly my cheerleader in the process. To know that she believed in me and my vision to serve in this capacity as a business owner meant the world to me.”
Credit Union ONE wishes Jones all the best in reaching her business goals.
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