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It's what makes work a place you enjoy going to.
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Here's what makes us a destination, not just a location:

Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups made up of individuals who join together based on common interests, backgrounds, or demographic factors such as gender, race, or ethnicity.

DEI Team

This team was created by board initiative after collecting feedback from employees about how to ensure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was everpresent in our workplace culture. Since the team's inception, they have developed several projects:

ONECoach: Our organization has a collaborative approach to coaching, hence the idea of ONECoach. Over the course of an employee's career at Credit Union ONE, they will be coached by many leaders, managers, and mentors based on their personal and professional goals.

The Mentorship Program: Designed to offer mentorship opportunities to staff that want to gain more exposure and experience within a certain field at Credit Union ONE.

Project Sharing: Implemented to share more knowledge with champions throughout the organization, so all staff are regularly communicated with on project updates.

Squad 74 and the Mental Health Employee Resource Group were started by the DEI team.

  DEI Team

Squad 74

At Credit Union ONE, we take pride in supporting our LGBTQ+ employees by creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. Our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives include the formation of an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for our LGBTQ+ Community and Allies.

Squad 74 provides visibility to the LGBTQ+ community and promote awareness of the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace and society. Our goal is to create a space for LGBTQ+ employees within Credit Union ONE through networking, educational events, and community involvement.

  Squad 74

Mental Health Employee Resource Group

Credit Union ONE understands that our employees face many challenges every day, from payroll deadlines to helping a member with potential fraud on their checking account. In these circumstances, there is a wide range of responses and levels of interaction. A person's response to them can vary greatly and lead to a positive or negative reaction. The Mental Health ERG's aim is to have employees of Credit Union ONE work together to find ways to manage stress, improve our work/life balance, and address challenges we may face. We believe that supporting one another and fostering an inclusive environment will have a lasting impact.
Members of all departments are invited to participate in this committee. Even though our individual challenges are different, we are still part of the same team. By better understanding the challenges that all of these different areas face, we can identify ways to cope with the potential mental health issues caused by them. It is our goal to provide everyone with the tools they need to succeed.

Become part of the movement.

We believe there's a better way to work, one that focuses on team effort by a group of people who believe in providing excellent products and service to our Members and fellow coworkers. We strive to empower and enrich each employee to become the best version of herself or himself while offering the opportunities needed to grow personally and professionally. Creating a workplace that values employees' unique talents and characteristics leads to interactions in which every Member is treated with respect and their specific needs are addressed. It all starts with a team that believes in each other and its larger purpose.
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What are your hours? 

Please visit our Locations & ATMs page.

Do you notarize? 

Credit Union ONE offers Notary services for members at no charge. Please visit any of our branch locations for this service. A notary public is an officer commissioned by the Michigan Secretary of State to serve as an unbiased and impartial witness. The most common function of the notary is to prevent fraud by attesting to the identity of a person signing a document. Notarization on a document certifies that the person whose signature is entered on the document personally appeared before the notary, established his or her identity, and personally signed the document in the presence of the notary.

How do I obtain my previous year tax information (1099 Form)?

If you earned $10 or more in interest in the previous year, you were mailed a 1099-INT form at the end of January. If you need another copy of your 1099-INT, please visit one of our branches. If you earned less than $10 in interest in the previous year, you will not receive a 1099-INT. However, the interest you earned is listed in your December statement, which can be viewed in Online Banking.

Where are your branches and ATMs located? 

Please visit our Locations & ATMs page.

How do I navigate through Online Banking? 

Enroll in Online Banking by clicking Log In and then Register Now, following the prompts. Once in Online Banking, use the menu widgets on the left-hand side to choose a feature you would like to use.  Watch this Online Banking Navigation Video to learn more.

How do I become a member of Credit Union ONE?

If you live, work, worship, or attend school in the State of Michigan, you are eligible for membership. You can apply online or by visiting one of our convenient branch locations.

What are you membership requirements?

You're eligible if you work, live, attend school or worship in Michigan. If you have out-of-state ID, we will need proof you meet the requirements. For example, a paystub showing your employer is based in Michigan, a rental agreement or closing documents with your Michigan address or a school ID will suffice.

How do I close my Credit Union ONE account? 

To close a Credit Union ONE account, members can visit any Credit Union ONE branch or call us at 800-451-4292 and a check will be mailed to the address on the account for any remaining balance payable to the member.

Where do I go to find account info?

You can access your account through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or Telephone Banking. Also, account information is available by calling 800-451-4292 or visiting a branch.

How do I find a shared branching center? 

Our Locations & ATMs page provides a full list. Shared branching allows Credit Union ONE members to use other non-Credit Union ONE credit unions to perform certain transactions. Credit Union ONE is required to perform the following transactions for guest credit union members:

• Account Inquiries
• Withdrawals
• Deposits
• Transfers
• Loan Payments
• Loan Advances
• Statement Prints

Any additional services offered are that discretion of Credit Union ONE. 

What is your routing number?

Our routing number is 272479841. Sign up for direct deposit by providing this number and your 10-digit account number to your employer. If the information is needed in writing, we are able to provide a direct deposit letter.

What is a Garnishment?

A garnishment is a court order whereby a member's property or money are in possession or under control of another and applied as payment for their debt to a third party. A levy is a proceeding in which money is obtained for the payment of taxes that are past due. When members are served with a garnishment or levy, they must call and email Admin Services with the information and fax the documents to 248-584-5446. If the member questions a garnishment or levy, they can contact the filing court, the IRS, or the State of Michigan to file an objection. A phone number of the attorney will be in the account notes. By law, Credit Union ONE must follow the garnishment/levy orders.

My family member has passed away. How do I close the
account with Credit Union ONE? 

The procedure to close a deceased member's accounts vary depending on if there were joint owners, a beneficiary, if it was a trust, etc. Contact Credit Union ONE at 800-451-4292 or visit any Credit Union ONE branch for assistance.

Do you offer medallion or signature guarantee?

Yes, but please confirm by calling 800-451-4292 to find out if the location you wish to go to has one available and what documents you need to bring. All parties who need the signature guarantee must be current members.