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Start retirement planning for your non-working spouse.

Spousal IRAs

Various options to
fit your goals

A Spousal IRA is your partner in planning.

Retirement Planning
Friendly, knowledgeable financial advisors provide objective advice to help create a retirement strategy that can move you toward your goals.

Prepare for a more rewarding retirement.

Retirement planning as a couple is a team effort. While one spouse is working and building up retirement funds, there's also an opportunity for the non-working spouse to open an IRA in his or her name through Credit Union ONE's Spousal IRAs. This special option is available as either a Traditional or Roth IRA, each with specific tax advantages your advisor can explain. Whether your retirement plans have you in Michigan or somewhere beyond, this IRA option can help you realize your dreams.
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  • Contributions may be deductible if one spouse isn't an active participant in an employer-sponsored retirement plan
  • Non-working spouses, whose name the Spousal IRA was created in, can't have reached 70½ years of age; the contributing/working spouse may be older but cannot contribute to a Traditional IRA
  • Your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) may determine your contribution eligibility*
  • As long as the working spouse qualifies, he or she can continue to make contributions even after the non-working spouse reaches 70½ years of age

What IRAs do you offer? 

Credit Union ONE does offer Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Rollover IRAs, and Spousal IRAs.

*Always consult your tax advisor.