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Our CD rates make your funds work harder.

Business Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Puts your idle
cash to work

A boost for your business savings

Business Money Market
Higher balances earn higher interest rates. Get better rates and more accessibility.

Get solid, guaranteed returns from fixed interest rates.

When unexpected business expenses arise, you don't always want to reach for the credit card. Better to have some emergency reserves built up through our Business Certificates of Deposit (CD). You can open multiple CDs that mature at different terms so you always have money on hand as your other deposits continue to grow at our CDs' higher interest rates. Michigan business owners turn to Credit Union ONE for business solutions such as Checking Accounts, Savings Accounts and Loans. These CDs can be the right fit for business funds you can keep on deposit.
Visit us to open a Business Certificate of Deposit.
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How do I open a Certificate of Deposit (CD)? 

Call the Member Contact Center at 800-451-4292, visit any Credit Union ONE branch or use Online Banking. In Online Banking, click on Open an Account and choose Certificate of Deposit from the drop-down menu.

What are your Certificate of Deposit (CD) rates and terms?

Our latest CD rates and terms are available online.

My Certificate of Deposit (CD) is matured and I would like to transfer the funds to my
checking account.

Members can redeem their CDs at any Credit Union ONE branch or by calling Member Contact Center 800-451-4292.

How can I close my Certificate of Deposti (CD)?

Members can close their CDs at any Credit Union ONE branch or by calling Member Contact Center 800-451-4292.

What is a Certificate of Deposit (CD)?

Our Certificates of Deposit page explains all the details, and how to open this account.