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Imagine getting money back just for banking with us.

Relationship Rewards

It's possible with Credit Union ONE Relationship Rewards.

Every year, in November, we'll automatically deposit your Relationship Reward Points into your Cash Back Checking Account

Your Annual Relationship Rewards payout is calculated based on your average annual loan and/or money market balances over a 12-month period, from November 1 through October 31 of the following year, and is automatically deposited into your Cash Back Checking Account as Relationship Reward Points. These points are in addition to the Cash Back Checking Reward Points you earn for your everyday debit card purchases and are redeemable for cash!
Take advantage of our Relationship Rewards Program
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How much can I expect to earn each November?

Enter the total balance of all of your combined Credit Union ONE loans as well as the total balance of all your combined Credit Union ONE Money Market Accounts to get an estimate of the Relationship Reward Points you can earn based on those balances, and how much they are redeemable for in cash. That is in addition to any Cash Back Checking Reward Point redemptions you have.





Your projected Credit Union ONE

Relationship Reward Points


Those points are redeemable for:


Plus! Annual Cash Back Checking Reward Points

Redeemable for:


Total Estimated Annual Cash Back!


*Amount based on average Cash Back Checking Reward Points earned annually from Credit Union ONE Debit Card purchases.

†Actual Relationship Reward applies to members who are tax reported for owners and will be determined based on a formula involving average loan and money market balances over a twelve-month period. Relationship Reward Period is November 1 of the prior year and October 31 of the payout year. Eligibility requires a Cash Back Checking Account on the date of payout in November each year, a minimum average Cash Back Checking Account balance of $1,500 during the Relationship Reward Period, and have no negative or charged-off accounts, and have no loans 11 days or more past due. Rewards will be paid out every November into the Cash Back Checking Account. Minimum average loan balance to earn relationship reward points is $5,000 and $10,000 for Money Market Accounts. Actual loan balances that drop below $5,000 and actual Money Market Account balances that drop below $10,000 as of October 31 will not be included in the Relationship Reward calculation. Other conditions and qualification requirements may apply. Program may be changed or discontinued at any time without notice. Rewards will be reported on applicable 1099 form as required by law. Business and fiduciary accounts excluded from relationship rewards.