Online Scams

There are many Internet scams designed to steal your money. This one is becoming more common every day.

You sell a large item through an Internet transaction. The buyer sends you a cashier's check for more than the purchase price, then tells you they've made a mistake and asks you to return the extra money. Shortly afterward, your financial institution notifies you that the check is counterfeit!

We have had several members fall victim to this type of fraud over the past year. If you have sold an item over the Internet and have received a check for more than the sale price – you may be holding a fraudulent check right now!

Watch for the warning signs:

  • You receive a check for an amount that is larger than the agreed sum
  • You are asked to deposit the check in your account and wire or mail the difference back to the sender
  • You are asked to wire the money from a location other than your financial institution
  • The recipient may be in a foreign country

A reputable person or company would not write a check for larger than the agreed upon amount and ask you to send back the excess amount. Don't be a victim of this type of fraud!

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