Debit Card Safety

  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never write it on your card.
  • Never discuss your account balance with anyone, or give information about your account or PIN over the phone.
  • Never allow anyone to use your card or PIN.
  • Don't withdraw money for any "official" person. No credit union representative, auditor or police officer will ever ask you to withdraw money from an ATM for any reason.
  • Keep your receipts and verify each transaction against your statement. Notify us immediately of any unexplained ATM or debit card transactions.
  • Have someone come with you when using an ATM at night. Choose a well lit ATM and park close.
  • If someone is using the ATM, stand back to allow for privacy.
  • Fill out all forms beforehand and have your card ready when you approach the ATM.
  • Stand directly in front of the ATM or POS terminal so no one sees you enter your PIN.
  • If anything or anyone seems suspicious while using the ATM, cancel your transaction and return later.
  • Leave the area before counting your money. If followed after leaving the ATM, go to a crowded public area.
  • Keep your card in a safe place; never leave it in your car, luggage or hotel room.

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