Secure Your Identity, Secure Your Future
1 in 20 become a victim of identity theft. We can help you reduce your risk of identity theft through early detection, prevention and resolution solutions.
Fully-Managed Identity Recovery provides a victim of Identity Theft a certified Recovery Advocate who works on the victim's behalf to perform all the tasks necessary to restore their identity. Credential vault, Lost Document Replacement and more also included.

Starting at $1.50 per month.

In addition to Fully-Managed Identity Recovery, Package 2 adds ScoreTracker!

ScoreTracker empowers you by providing a monthly update of the most important element affecting your financial future - your Credit Score. You can clearly view how your credit score has changed over time. See Example
In addition to Fully-Managed Identity Recovery and ScoreTracker, Package 3 adds Experian Credit Monitoring.

Monitor changes to your Experian® credit file and receive daily alerts on new activity.
*Credit Union ONE is pleased to provide you with access to a complete suite of identity theft detection and recovery services through IDSafeChoice Plus.