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Rebuild your credit, or get a jumpstart on establishing good credit!

Apply today for a $2,000 loan*
  • The $2,000 is placed on hold in your account
  • Pay no down payment
  • Pay under $100 per month
  • Loan is reported to the credit bureaus, giving you the opportunity to build a positive credit history
  • Once your loan is paid off, we'll release the $2,000 so you can use it however you like!
  • Put a down payment on a car; use for college tuition, you name it!
*Funds will be transferred from the loan to an account. Loan proceeds will be frozen in the account until the loan is paid in full. Once the loan is paid in full, the freeze will be removed and you may access the funds. Required loan amount is $2,000. Approximate monthly payment for a loan amount of $2,000 for 24 months with an annual percentage rate of 12.00% would be $94.11. Loan approval subject to overall creditworthiness factors.

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