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Roth Individual Retirement Accounts

With a Roth IRA from Credit Union ONE, you make after-tax contributions and your earnings accumulate tax-free. All qualified distributions are entirely tax-free, and there's no age limit: you can contribute as long as you have earned income and meet Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) requirements. Choose an IRA Certificate of Deposit or an IRA Savings account, or ask us about other investment options for your IRA. We're here to make retirement saving simple.

Contribution Limits
  • $5,500 for the year 2017 or 100 percent of taxable compensation, whichever is less.
  • No more than $5,500 total can be contributed to Traditional and Roth IRAs in 2017.
  • For members 50 years or older, a $1,000 "catch-up contribution" is allowed for the year 2017.
  • Eligibility and deduction limits may apply, based on your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Contact your tax advisor for details.

Withdrawal Guidelines*
  • No minimum distributions are required at age 70½. You can leave the account intact for heirs. It will continue to grow tax-free.
  • IRS penalty-free withdrawal for amounts withdrawn after 5 years if one of the following occurs:
    • Reach the age of 59½
    • Buying a first home ($10,000 lifetime cap)
    • Disability**
    • Death
*Withdrawals may have additional penalties. Always consult your tax advisor.
**Restrictions and documentation requirements apply.

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