ATM Check Depositing

Introducing ATM Check Imaging: A fast, easy, new way to make check deposits at our branch ATMs*. No more envelopes. No more adding up totals. The ATM does the work for you.   Find a Branch ATM*


How does it work?
1. Insert your debit card and PIN
2. Select Check Deposit
3. Select the account you are depositing to (ie. Checking or Savings)
4. Insert first check face up
5. Confirm check dollar amount
6. Select Image Receipt to see copy of check on your receipt
7. For additional checks (up to five total), select Another Transaction
You can also use Full Service CO-OP ATMs and Service Centers as well to make Cash and Check deposits.
*Deposits can be made at all Credit Union ONE branch ATMs except Royal Oak Beaumont.
Please deposit cash inside a branch location or branch Night Deposit Box.